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ATV News

Yamaha Power Steer

Power steer ATVs now available for the price of a standard unit.

Yamaha Australia

Yamaha's Electric Power Steer system was the first of its kind in the ATV industry. And the speed sensitive system continues to assist riders and complement the tough Grizzly range.

The EPS system is available on the big bore ATVs of 700cc, 550cc and 450cc capacities. And in order to highlight this winning feature, YMA is currently offering free power steering upgrades to customers.

This promo means that customers pay for a standard steer model but receive a power steering model. This equates to cashback amounts of $700 for the YFM700FAP Grizzly, $550 for the YFM550FAP Grizzly and $400 for the YFM450FAP Grizzly.

In addition, YMA is also offering up to $1000 cashback amounts on the following models:

All promos run until 24 February 2011 and include the availability of super low YMF loan rates at participating dealers.

Electronic power steering makes the 2011 YFM450FAP easier to manoeuvre at slow speeds

This is how Yamaha's EPS system has been described by the ATV press:

The Yamaha Electric Power Steering system is unparalleled in the industry. The system allows the rider to tackle the most gnarly, toughest terrain with the least amount of effort, rider fatigue and superior comfort. How, you ask? As the rider turns the handlebars the electric motor kicks in and assists in the turn. The harder you turn, the more the EPS assist. The torque-sensing EPS system senses the twisting force put on the handlebars and wheels at which point the electric motor jumps in to do its thing. Best part is, not only does the EPS offer light steering effort, but it also absorbs the kickback that would usually be transferred to the rider if you were to hit a log or rock unexpectedly."

"The new Electric Power Steering works extremely well. Not only does it make the steering light in all conditions but it also helps soak up the hits like a steering dampener does. No worries about sore shoulders at the end of the day. In 4WD where your steering effort generally increases, the Grizzly 4WD was a breeze to steer. You can relax and enjoy the ride. If we focused on the steering we could really feel the benefits but at the same time we could just ride as normal with no negative effects from the system. If the EPS system does fail the steering system is still mechanically connected so you don't have to worry about being stranded."


published 14/12/2010


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