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Budget model rides as good as it looks

CF Moto CF500 Review

Our brief stint with the CF500 showed that CF Moto Australia are widening their range for the Aussie market...

Nic Wilke

CF Moto has put together a machine that offers tough power, excellent quality, at a price that no manufacturer can come close too. Dubbed as Australia's Best Value ATV, we at Quadsales fully agree, as we've checked this machine out thoroughly, and it represents fantastic value for money.

Factory equipped with a powerful 493cc 4-stroke engine with independent suspension all-round, electric selectable 2x4/4x4, electric diff-lock, carry racks and heaps more, it certainly is big bang for your buck. This engine makes 35 HP in a light-weight chassis, giving it the best power to weight ratio in its class. Compare this machine dollar for dollar against all the big name machines, and we're sure you'll be just as impressed as we were.

The CF500 is equipped with the brand-new CF188 engine, independently developed by CF Moto and featuring a 4 valve head. The advantages this engine offers over others is increased durability, increased power, lower noise and lower fuel consumption. The engine can fully meet the cooling requirements of long-time operation at low speed (great for Cattle farmers/Dairy) with high torque.

We had the CF500 delivered to us in the crate, a quick assembly revealed the unit was pretty good quality. We originally thought that there'd be some compromise being an entry level ATV, but quality was comparable to the higher spec X-Lander 500 and 600's.

The only glaring issue we believe worth mentioning was some cabling for the rear indicators that could catch, or be accidentally grabbed when unloading a bail of hay from the rear rack. This could be fixed with perhaps 4 zip ties, problem easily solved. Other than this, the unit is tidy and well built.

After nearly 10 days of wet weather we gave away the idea of getting some good video footage, instead concentrating on just going out for a ride. First impressions count and the CF500 is a keeper.

Ride comfort is good, very good actually. This short wheel base ATV didn't seem to give the rider any rocking front and back, and the IRS performed nicely climbing over smaller logs and undulations easily.

The gears seemed tight, but lets face it, this unit was put in a box at the factory, the next time it saw light of day was when we unpacked it here in regional NSW. The gearbox will certainly loosen up, as all previous CF Moto ATV's we've trialled, they start stiff, then loosen up after a few hours of use.

There's no bells or whistles on this unit, but ask yourself this, what fruit do you have on that old dusty Suzuki you have in the barn? What does the old Honda have on it that the CF Moto doesn't? You'll find all that extra bling you get on a lot of ATV's these days isn't present on your current machine anyway.

The unit comes with a towbar, though we didn't get a chance to test it out. The CF500 represents terrific value whilst still being a capable machine for work or play, and its backed with a 12 month warranty from CF Moto Australia. Good parts supply is available if you should have any mishaps, however we think this unit will hold up just fine in the real world.



Available in Red or Blue, these look like your everyday Honda or Yamaha.






Short Wheel Base give a surprisingly steady ride. We were expecting it to buck like a bull, but it was smooth in acceleration and braking.


So, as you can see, Quadsales loved this unit. We can compare it to other ATV's weve trialled in recent times, and we can surely suggest the it is capable of work and play. We look at price very carefully these days, because there is some junk out there for cheap. This unit is backed by its importer with a good parts and warranty scheme for its dealers, so people who want an ATV at competitive pricing dont need to resort to "toy-atv's" from eBay. The CF500 is a tool, not a toy.

Remember, wear your helmet, or park it up....

published 25/05/2011


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