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ATV News

CFMoto CF500 Classic

The upgrade has arrived for the CF500. CFMoto have set a new standard for entry level ATV's. Introducing the CF500 Classic.

Allen Drysdale

CFMoto CF500 Classic 

CFMoto has been something of a quiet achiever on the Australian ATV market. Doing its thing, expanding its range and creating a fairly significant nationwide dealer network. In a very short period of time, CFMoto has gone from "CF Who", to something of a sales success story.

CFMoto Australia have now sold over 8000 vehicles in just a few short years. For the ATV range, the majority of units sold have been in the entry level segment. The CF500 was CFMoto's big mover, a total of 809 units were sold in 2012 alone. The CF500 was the 3rd highest selling unit in Australia and 1st overall in its category. Not bad for a relatively unknown brand in a country dominated by the big established names.

Immediately, CFMoto grabbed the attention of the industry. Normally new brands can disappear as quickly as they arrive, yet here was a brand that was doing all the small things that matter. Great dealer support, competitive pricing and understanding the end user. Within the market, the big brands countered the CFMoto threat by moving prices and offering product that would compete.

So why this long winded introduction? It's a story worth explaining because the CF500 Classic is the result of these market forces at play. Here is a base model ATV with a mountain load of tried and trusted features for only $6490* Ride Away. A model that has combined everything CFMoto has learnt over the past few years and developed those ideas and feedback into this one model.

Specifications and Ride

For example, let's look at the CF500 Classic standard kit. Four wheel independent suspension with high quality gas shock absorbers and A-Arm protectors. A 2500lbs winch standard, a tow package with a 350 kg load capacity - all standard. Front and rear carry racks and "no rust" alloy wheels - again all standard.

Disc brakes both front and rear. Twin discs on the front and a single disc at the differential. Select 2 or 4WD by the push of a button and for when the going gets really tough, the ability to lock all 4-wheels if needed. The manual gear selector comes with high, low, neutral and reverse options. Drive is by CFMoto's CVTech-IBC continuously variable transmission.

The CF500 Classic is powered by a 493 cc, single cylinder, 4 valve, 4 stroke engine. The power plant is water cooled and develops 25 Kw's of power (@ 6389 rpm). More importantly it makes nearly 38 Nm of torque (@ 5500 rpm). CFMoto have made the decision to keep fuel delivery simple, a Mikuni carby has been chosen over the use of fuel injection.

Other vital stats include a massive 19 litre fuel tank. Hand guards not only protect hands, they also protect other delicate controls and switchgear. The dash is all digital with readouts for speed, fuel, temp, gear selection, 2 or 4WD confirmation.

We recently spent a day with the CF 500 Classic in country Victoria. The first thing you really notice is the little things CFMoto have improved. The refinement and quality enhancements really stand out.

The engine fires immediately into life. Gear selection is positive and the ability to change from 2WD to 4WD is very simple. Most terrain is covered in 2WD and it's only when things get really serious do you even need to think about 4WD. Remembering you also have low and high range choices via the manual gear selector.

The independent suspension feels like a massive improvement over previous models. Ride quality and it's ability off road are no doubt improved due to the upgraded gas shocks and suspension. The engine has good levels of torque everywhere, it pulls nice and smooth, the CF500 will tap out at around 80 km/h. The CVT transmission feels like another improvement, no slippage, just nice levels of drive everywhere.

Approach and departure angles mean that larger obstacles can be tackled with confidence, we also found the ground clearance sufficient to deal with anything we aimed CF500 towards.

Where the CF500 really hits home is its ability to tackle general farm duties, this is a work focused ATV and this is where 99% of CF500's will end up. The standard front and rear rack arrangement, the tow pack and winch, the integrated lights and blinkers. These features create some real significant day to day benefits, and they're all standard.  


CFMoto have really listened to the end user and created a new kind of entry level here. The difference in refinement and ride quality is apparent. Even when compared with the first CFMoto ATV's we first reviewed back in late 2010. It's clear CFMoto have continued to plug funds into R&D, and the product just keeps getting better for it. CFMoto are now producing over 600,000 vehicles annually.

Competition is a good thing, and the CF500 Classic is a clear example why. In response to the market heating up, CFMoto have pulled out all-stops to maintain their hold on the budget sector. The CFMoto CF500 Classic is well worth a look, as a 2nd ATV or as a well priced alternative to a well known brand. Give it a go, see more at

*Prices may vary in remote locations. Additional shipping charges might apply.

CFMoto CF500 Classic Video









published 15/12/2013


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